From Amare Knives…

The founder of and mastermind behind Amare Knives is the damask blacksmith and knife designer Ulrich Hennicke.
Ulrich’s passion for finely crafted blades and unusual knife design has been burning ever since he learned the basics of forging from the renowned art smith Hermann Gradinger in 1995.

After working for many years as a damask blacksmith, art blacksmith, blacksmithing teacher, and supplier for the Nesmuk company,

Ulrich Hennicke founded the Hohenmoorer Messermanufaktur in 2012. The focus of this company is the production of high-quality,  high-precision, and handmade chef’s knives made of mono steel, three-layer steel, and Damascus steel.

After several design collaborations with well-known knife manufacturers such as Spyderco, Böker, Kizer, Otter,  WE Knives, and Realsteel, Ulrich met Weixiang Meng, who owns a knife factory in China. Both shared a great love for knives and timeless design, as well as the desire to realize this love. Amare Knives was born.