The Karesuandokniven AB was funded in 1975 and is famous worldwide for our handmade hunting knives, blades, axes and Lapland inspired handicrafts. The company has its production  in the tiny village Karesuando in Lapland in the very north of Sweden and has about 300 inhabitants. 

250 km north of the Arctic Circle, on the same latitude as central Greenland and the northernmost parts of Canada, is the village of Karesuando. The village got its frst permanentsettlement in 1670.

The reindeer herd is one of the area’s largest industries and Karesuando is located in the Könkämä Sami village’s reindeer husbandry area. 

During the first three decades the company was grant-aided by the government to keep the old handicrafting traditions of Lapland alive.

Since 2004 it has been in private ownership. We introduced the company to the international market, where there is a growing amount of customers, who appreciate the products. 

 The most important thing about our knives is that we make all the details of the knives ourselves in our factory, which is why we dare to promise you a 10-year warranty on materials or manufacturing defects on all our knives.