From MKM Knives…

Our Company, is the official and exclusive manufacturer and sales representative for Europe, Russia and Japan of a complete Licensed Brand of Hunting and Military Knives for REMINGTON RA, the American guns Company authorized by the Trademark License Agreement. 

As a reference: CONSORZIO COLTELLINAI MANIAGO S.r.l. is collaborating with some of the most important distributors in the USA,Europe, South Africa and Japan as A.M. Leonard, Ergex 

The CCM combines the products of Maniago Area with its qualified commercial support, starting from 1960.  All of the items are produced and manufactured in our Knife District and most of 

Maniago area is recognized as the most attractive concerning blade production in ITALY. Here there are more than 150 production companies co-operating from the raw materials purchasing operations to the product innovation activities.